Sunday, April 9, 2017

Google Makes a Contribution Of Over 50 Crore For Education Betterment In India

The IT giant has announced to contribute $8.4 million (a little over Rs 54 crore) to 4 major Indian NGOs. The four chosen NGOs are- Learning Equality, Million Sparks Foundation, Pratham Books Story Weaver, and Pratham Education Foundation. Over next two years this funding will be on process so that these NGOs can spread out and increase their helping hands for improving educational infrastructure of the nation. These grants are part of a universal $50 dollar vow that the company has made for the groups of people working on tech-based learning solution. gives an estimation to the ministry of human resources development, showing that about 260 million children are enrolled in schools across the country presently and a survey by Pratham Education that says 50% of all children in the fifth grade can’t read a second grade text or solve a two-digit subtraction problem. said that under the Right to education act 2010 India has come a long way in terms of educational development and expanding the reach. But this time their concern is the quality of the lessons given. It pitches that the studies cite enfeeblement in entry level learning process. Back to the financial aid distribution Pratham Books-StoryWeaver has ensnared the largest grant at $3.6 million. This company crafted an open-sourced platform for translating book. $3.1 million has been donated to Pratham Education which provides children self-induced offline lessons for getting educated under any environment. Million Sparks Foundation received $1.2 million. The company unites teachers to generate a knowledge sharing community. Learning Equality, an organization provides digital content offline for students without net connectivity, bagged $500,000.

The company said in an official statement, "MHRD data indicates there are about 260 million children enrolled in schools across the country, but a recent survey by Pratham Education reveals 50 per cent of all children in 5th grade cannot read a 2nd grade text or do a two-digit subtraction problem."
"We believe technology can help bridge the gap, it can get more books to students, more lesson plans to teachers, and classrooms to kids who can't get there themselves.  At, we are committed to support and work alongside these organizations to bridge the quality education gap," said Nick Cain, program manager (education) at

These entire financial donations in India will hub on three prior areas where technology can be used to look up the class of education. The company said, "First is to make available quality learning material that overcome language and connectivity gaps. Second is to provide better training and support to teachers as they are keys to educational outcomes. Finally, it is to support students beyond classroom learning."
Meanwhile Google has also invested in NGOs working in Brazil and Kenya. All these NGOs associated with products relevant to multiple markets.

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