Monday, December 26, 2016

International Students Can Celebrate Thanks Giving Day-Want To Know How?

Thanksgiving is a national holiday for United States and Canada. This year it will be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in USA. Thanksgiving is all about spreading humanity, sharing stories gifts over a sumptuous meal with extended family members and friend and expressing gratitude to the God for the harvest of the preceding year. International students who are pursuing their higher studies in abroad get oodles of way to be a part of this classic American celebratory occasion. There are US students who stay in hostels for academic purpose they return home for their holidays.

Welcome if your American friend or neighbor invites you over food-
Thanksgiving comes with expressing gratefulness to God for what he has offered people throughout the year. This includes being thankful for new bonding. If your American friend invites you accept his invitation to be part of the family meal. It’s like being part of the family. It’s the perfect opportunity to share the custom. You can appear even a day after Thanksgiving which is famously known as Black Friday. On Black Friday many retail shops offer gleaming home decors on heavy discounts.

What’s Black-Friday?
 This is the gala shopping season for Christmas in the US countries. Though Black Friday is not an official holiday, but in California and some other states counts it as a day off. Black Friday is the day when retailers show their level of profit in bold at the end of a fiscal year.

Acknowledge on-campus opportunities
Many school and college campus celebrate their own Thanksgiving with the students and faculties who choose to stay inside the campus, who have no other relatives nearby. At Ohio State University, any students, faculty, and staff who are not planning to head home are invited to attend an annual Thanksgiving feast—this year, the University expects over 1,600 attendees. Kansas’s Hesston College hosts an annual Thanksgiving weekend, with a dinner and a bevy of other activities, including art exhibits, concerts, talent shows, basketball tournaments, a benefit fun run, and other special events.

Attend a Parade
Thanksgiving is meaningless without parades. Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in New York City is the famous parade out of the rest. There are almost 4 million spectators in person present there to attend live celebration. Several major cities along with New York arrange these types of parades for thanking the Holy Spirit. Several other city parades are popular too like the Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.  Motor City, Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit, Chicago’s McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade is also well-known. If you reside in the suburbs check out for smaller, regional events on the very day.

Break Time
Want to skip the uproar? Chill with some sumptuous food and fresh juice from the orchard. Do some sightseeing; explore the rural areas of the city. Recharge, reclaim, re-boost in this Thanksgiving season.

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