Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Significance Of Aptitude Test In Selecting The Right Career

Most of the students get into a no-win situation while choosing the correct career. This is due to an invariable battle between his career decision and parental compression. This has unwholesome effect on the future of the students since he is unable to put his mid on what he is rolling and sooner or later this digs a grave pothole in the coming time. These mistakes can be easily avoided if the student is allowed to choose his career according to his personality, preference and interest.

After completing 10th, it’s really necessary to get a proper career guidance. Only this ladder can take a student to achieve his dream career graph. Here lies the importance of an aptitude test. These tests are particularly designed to check the capability, skill and talent of a student and proved greatly helpful for choosing the right career path. The first step in career counseling after 10th has to be an aptitude test. The contents of these tests are mainly multiple choice types. Likewise the results are also quickly accessible. The career counselor is the best person to judge a student’s ultimate potential through these tests, consequently he can channelize him into the right direction for opting a suitable career path.

Once 12th is done the sphere of career front gets widen. So it gets crucial to pick up the right career option from the heap towards which the student intensifies or can relate his passion. Without passion a career option becomes just another task to perform, even if it pays well. This is the main cause why people quickly get jaded of any job. People who have no interest in the job usually develop their brains just to perform the tasteless job. If the job is unable to fetch your absorption doesn’t mean the job is charmless. It highlights your inefficiency and your lackadaisical attitude.

A right career option is something which a student has to go along with complete physical, mental commitment. A perfect job can not only boost his creativity level but also productivity and further monetary development. Thus aptitude tests are more pertinent as there are many unconventional courses in the current market by which students greatly moved.

Interesting Ways To Push Your kid Towards Reading

Rarely it’s seen that a kid is affectionate towards books. Reading is a dirty word for most of the kids.  They use imaginary excuses to elope squirrely from books. Mostly parents have to run after their children to make them even look at the book. It’s up to the parents not the schools to encourage your children in reading. Choosing the right book for the child is another way to channelize your child’s interest towards reading. Reading is an essential; parents have to motivate their children to read books. Firstly you have to find out the reason why your child is inattentive towards books. How you motivate your child to read book is a hard-bitten task for the parents, teacher faces the same sooner or later. Let’s discover how the miracles happen-

Tour to a library- Take your child to a library. Observe what he/she chooses. Dig in the child’s interest. For best result ask the librarian to assist the kid to get books according to his choice. Stock these kinds of books at your home, keep them in the car while travelling. The more the kid read the more he/she will come to know about the world.

Turn the page- Reading is a healthy habit; make the child well-accustomed with this. Whether it’s bed time or snack time, employ the kid with books. Fit reading into your child’s daily routine

Read as one- Time to act like a kid. Ask your kid to read out a story for you. Tell him to bring new stories every day. In this way you can have a track on his growing level of fondness towards the books.

Reading is not all about syllabus- Reading doesn’t mean completion of school syllabus. It’s a positive practice which will make a kid hungry after his interest and sometimes after bigger interest.

Introduce yourself as an avid reader- Often kids are seen mimicking their parents. If a child daily watches you mostly with a book it will drive him towards books. His curiosity will take him to books. If your child finds you enjoying reading he/she will automatically step into this area in order to obtain the pleasure.

Shop together- Offer books like toys or candies. Kids love to go shopping with parents. Buy books of his/her choice. Keep a book of your choice inside the basket with a mum. Few tricks like this will broaden up your child’s sphere of knowledge.

Remember don’t insist kids for reading, He/she might grow a resistance against your daily harry. Stay calm and keep piles of books here and there in every room -they will likely start picking them up one fine morning.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Studying alone Vs group studies

A common question you find in every educational forum is how to study whether to study alone or studying in group is a wiser choice. Being the leading Indian online education forum Educa-India is not out of the coverage of this common debate. Recently group studies have become a cult among the students to encourage teamwork-centric ambiance. This is the best interactive study session where students can exchange their thought process to understand a specific subject from diverse angles.

Here students can share the tricks and tips to crack the joints and further pass those on. Within a circle if someone holds a good knowledge on any specific subject he/she can teach others for clarifying their doubts. Group studies enhance the level of motivation. Students can understand where they lack in and stress on that particular area of studies. For competitive students group studies have always been a key to improve their skills.

Personal studying has its own significance  

When we study alone we can solely concentrate on our own flaws, and sharpen that particular skill where we have deficiency. When a particular subject needs your uninterrupted commitment to perform exceptionally well then the subject becomes a task that’s most demanding for your personality. These types of tasks are needed to be accomplished individually. Studying alone minimizes disruption level. Studying alone helps you concentrate largely. It generates an exclusive attention for the study materials. Here you can regulate the pace of studies as per your requirement.

This is the best way to give the entire focus on any weak subject and prepare for exams as well with self-reliance. In most of the group studies your partners might not be as prepared as you are. It is possible that they discuss with an existing problem which is already registered in your learning process. This could bring the delay in the complete absorption of that specific course. Studying alone improves your registration capacity of brain.

 Importance of group studies 

Group studies welcome assorted views on a definite subject matter. The more you utter texts the easier it gets for your brain to store those words. Students of different schools when meet for a group study session they exchange their class notes and discuss teaching process of several teachers. Thus it broadens the sphere of knowledge. In this course it’s seen that students who attend group studies really have to push themselves less for understanding any subject. Though group studies various thoughts, information and insights can be shared together in a common session. This way you feel appreciative and sense the urge to assist fellow students to progress.
It’s seen at school level students go on studying alone at home, whereas in pursuing higher education like colleges or other competitive exams it’s necessary to join a group study session to gain a details and diversified knowledge. Students should study to learn, shouldn’t perform it as a course of any exercise. What is the best way to study, the way they are comfortable in gathering maximum knowledge.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Centralized Vs. Scattered thinking- which is the better learning process?

It’s a common fact that everybody gets entangled in studies somewhere and somehow. It happens with the most brilliant ones too. We get highly perplexed when we face this kind of specific problem. Under this circumstance experts get divided into two broad categories- one who would advise you to devote full of concentration to that particular subject and the other group of people will suggest to get drawn away. Our brain functions in an either or mode of processing. Therefore what strikes is which the better learning process- focused or diffuse thinking?

At a glance of focused and diffuse thinking 

Flawless thinking conceives the most favorable learning. While solving a problem, we can consider using focused thinking or using diffuse thinking. Focused thinking goes parallel as it’s centralized. When we concentrate on the subject matter totally then we use focus thinking. A highly conscientious mind delivers focused thinking where our prefrontal cortex conjures up the extract of the subject and abrogates superfluous information.
 On the other hand diffuse thinking is all about looking at the same picture in a bigger way. Diffuse thinking involves distractions. Diffuse thinking occurs when we let our mind ramble liberally. Any particular area of brain doesn’t perform diffuse thinking by the way as our brain makes connection at random. The essence of diffuse thinking is here brain gets the occasion to connect the dots and link of neural process. Usually diffuse thinking appears when you are at the state of relaxation, and then the brain will be able to generate best ideas to solve any puzzling issue.

With focused thinking, brain processes any specific matter extremely, where with diffuse thinking brain performs in various angles to analyze much more related information at once but with lower density. The entire process is like the theory of light like- a concentrated beam of light that only elucidates a small area very brightly; on the contrary a less concentrated beam of light illuminates a broader area with dimmer brightness.
Which one is more necessary?
Now the question arises which thinking process is better than the other? Let’s tell you both thinking processes are necessary for solving out vast and complicated projects. For adapting something new understand both the perspective for the information (diffuse), and the overt details (focused) of the subject matter. In a focused mode we understand the basic context of the subject, simultaneously diffuse thinking runs in the same course where you start relating the subject with the previously met other subjects. Too much focus and too much distraction can spoil the broth. Our brain possibly can perform in two modes for good reasons. Thus we need the both thought processes to acquire a clear knowledge of any frustrated subject where you get stuck in.

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Stress Management Tips For Students During Exam

Too much studies+ Too little time = Madness!    

Exam stress has been a demon to the students and their parents. Exam anxiety doesn’t occur out of lower confidence level. It can happen due to lifestyle related difficulties.
• Insufficient sleep
• Poor nutrition
• Worst time-management
• Lack of exercise
• Too many shots in the arm

All these issues lead to problems like- 1. Excessive worries about exams 2.  Fear of gradation. 3.  Hesitation about aftereffect. 4. Fragile understanding.  Forget all these study hard, most importantly study timely. Have a proper plan to manage time for regular studies.  There is no point to bring down your books from the brackets after the exam announcement. Study to learn not to achieve. Here are few tips to swipe away exam stress-

1.Study from the beginning- Don’t wait for the exam to be announced. Be protected with our warriors of wisdom and confidence. Read and read over your lessons until you grab a steady hold on them. For more accuracy write them down in your convenient language. Regularly jot down questions after finishing your classes. Practice them at home. This will make your studies uncomplicated. Practice your lessons on a daily basis. Ask your teacher to test your skills.

2.Concentrate on time management- Being a night owl doesn’t really smoothen up your lessons to get stored permanently. Plan your study time properly so that you can appear for the exam without any confusion or hesitation. Study for an hour, study with full of concentration with 10-15 min break allotted within this period.  Have a snack, watch TV for refreshment. Study to understand not to memorize.

3.Healthy lifestyle has a positive impact- Eat healthy, do some nominal exercise and most importantly go to bed timely. Get some good sleep before exams. It will relax your mind which can actually make you feel far better and fresh. This way you can acquire a better storage of your lessons for application.

4.Reward achievement – If you are feeling stressed about your exam, relax yourself with some net surfing, have some walk. Practice study in small slots, if you have managed to score within this span reward yourself. This will motivate you to continue studying and reduce stress level.

5.Arrive early- Some people panic to get late for exam. Always try to get inside the hall at least before 45 min. Haste to finish the paper sometimes causes skipping important instructions. Before attempting question figure out what they exactly are looking from you. Ask the invigilator if you are stuck somewhere in the midst of the paper. Above all healthy practice can set your life on the correct track. Today’s relaxation might bring tomorrow’s anxi