Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Here’s Why Schools Should Teach English From the Beginning in India

There have been several states and central policies acted reciprocally in introducing English language studies from the starting level. Some of the states have brought English in class 1 and class 3 levels. Again the research constantly exhibits that for an amateur it’s comfortable to adapt a learning process in his/her mother language. A group of secretariats set up by PM Modi, which has released its reports declaring, “The people from the weaker section of the society want English to be taught in the government schools since the beginning. They feel that English is an avenue for better life”.

This initiative also highlights on the facts like detention policies in several classes, and introduction of yoga and physical education classes for the physical development of students. Career prospect will definitely get better for those you start learning English early. Students who start learning English late won’t have better access and proficiency while choosing higher studies or even in professional fields. Surprisingly the system has been continuously neglecting a major fact like social settings/ cultural backgrounds. In a country like India where there are advanced system like online college portal /educational portal for academic institution selection purpose, adversely there is majority of parents who can’t afford basic level of education to their children.

There are numerous English medium private schools with advanced educational systems in India. Since there is a severe social discrimination among the socio economical classes, even after having strong aspiration potential students can’t enroll these just because of lack of financial comfort. Parents prioritize these public schools over the government ones as the govt. schools don’t have the infrastructure to give lessons on English from the foundation point. After receiving this kind of undesirable feedback from the financially weaker section of the society govt. has finally come up to a conclusive point that English should be taught from the beginning in the govt. schools. This policy also includes withholding process at various levels to amend the entire learning process. Accordingly the HRD ministry is by now in the course of reviewing the policy of no detention till the 8th standard.

Asking on the detention policy HRD confirms, “The No-detention policy promotes the students who don’t want to learn and hence we are in favor of Detention at various levels in schools. The panel also recommended partaking in Programmers for International Students’ Assessment.  Nevertheless we feel during the execution of the entire process the methods and materials which are likely to be adopted for teaching English at the basic level to the students from shaky background should be designed on the nose. The quality of instructions should be made seemly. Simultaneously educating parents is also equally required to bring the discussed system on board.
In a nutshell the teaching process should have to be smooth so that it can develop the basic literacy level of the learners. The teacher needs to be innovative and he/she should have the translation capability to make the transition unhesitant. Otherwise the teacher will struggle along with the learners. To have an overall progress a country should have a proper educational system to have a well-proportioned literacy level.

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